About EC2M

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Leadership: Mr. Sergio Alvarez (bio)
Operational Since: 2013
Location: Fort Belvoir, Va.

Mission: Increase efficiencies and align resources to deliver and sustain enterprise-level information technology (IT) communications that enable end-to-end collaboration, messaging and content management across the Army workforce.

Vision: To transform Army’s legacy IT services to provide seamless and integrated communications for the Soldier on any trusted device, anywhere, anytime.

Enterprise Content, Collaboration and Messaging (EC2M) manages several enterprise IT initiatives:

  • Army Knowledge Online (AKO): Is the Army’s legacy enterprise intranet that provides a variety of capabilities to the Army, including file storage and shares, search, and Identity and Access Management (IdAM) services for the Army.

  • Department of Defense Enterprise Email (DEE): Centralized over 1.5 million Army users from many disparate legacy email systems into a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)-managed service (migration occurred in 2013). DEE is a single, secure email and calendar sharing capability across the DoD with a “true” Global Address List (GAL) that is accessible world-wide using CAC/PKI authentication. The Army currently has 1.5M NIPR / SIPR users and ~80K Army Mobile Devices (BlackBerry).

  • Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration Service (ECMCS): Provides enterprise-level content management and collaboration capabilities to the Army Warfighter and workforce to enhance and promote universal file sharing, collaboration, access to team sites, workflows, documents, and records.For more information on ECMCS, read the latest issue of The Collaborator, the ECMCS newsletter or visit the PD ES Newsletter Archives for access to of the ECMCS newsletters.

  • Unified Capabilities (UC): When fielded, UC will allow a more effective way for Army users to share information, conduct meetings, and communicate. The enterprise-level service will provide integrated voice, video, instant messaging/chat, presence, and screen sharing to enable synchronous collaboration for Army users worldwide.




Modified June 19, 2017