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CHESS ITES-SW 2 Information Exchange a Success

By Ms. Tricia Shelley, Public Affairs, CHESS

On Dec. 12, 2017, Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) hosted an information exchange for the Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW 2) follow-on contract with 27 companies in attendance. The day was intended to facilitate Army and industry collaboration for the upcoming ITES-SW 2 requirements. Mr. Doug Haskin, product lead, CHESS, provided opening remarks; Mr. Wayne Sok, deputy product lead, CHESS, welcomed industry; and Ms. Nicki Wilson, product officer, CHESS, presented on the upcoming ITES-SW 2 contract alongside Army Contracting Command – Rock Island contracting officers Ms. Jill Sommer and Ms. Angie Graff. A panel question and answer session was held following the presentations to allow for industry feedback.

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Posted February 01, 2018