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CHESS Consolidated Buy, Windows 10, & TPM

By Billy Cody and Tricia Shelley, CHESS Public Affairs

The Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Consolidated Buy (CB) - 23 is open for ordering and now offers Windows 10 compliant devices!

CHESS offers two CB periods yearly. The CB-23 ordering period opened June 13 and runs through September 30. CB-23 is open to all Government agencies and employees eligible to buy through CHESS, and is the mandated source for Army desktop and notebook computers. Organizations that utilize the CB, regardless of the quantities secured, net significant savings.

The migration to Windows 10 is part of the DOD's effort to ensure a more secure computing environment for end-users and includes the deployment of essential security features. As part of the effort, CB-23 devices come pre-loaded with Windows 7 Army Golden Master (AGM) for desktops and notebooks and Windows 8.1 AGM for tablets and slates, and are able to support Windows 10. When Windows 10 AGM is pushed out, CB-23 devices will be ready for the upgrade.

In conjunction with this migration, the NETCOM Technical Authority (TA) "Implementation Memorandum for Army End-User computing Environment" has issued Trusted Platform Module 2.0 as a new requirement for Army users. While TPM 2.0 platforms are being offered under various categories within CB-23, customers are encouraged to use the CHESS CB Compare Tool that will classify which versions of TPM each device has. Some offerings may include TPM 1.2 with firmware that is upgradable in the future to TPM 2.0. Other offerings may only include a TPM 1.2 chip that is not upgradable.

Additional information about CB-23, Windows 10 migration, and TPM 2.0 can be found on the CHESS website at

Posted June 13, 2016