PEO EIS Programs


PEO EIS enables information dominance by developing, acquiring, integrating and deploying information technology (IT) systems to meet the Army’s demands today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

PEO EIS is comprised of 34 acquisition programs, crossing all functional domains, in all acquisition life cycle phases. Through the hard work and dedication of a workforce of military, government civilians, and contractor support, PEO EIS successfully manages approximately $3.5 billion in IT investments and fields systems around the globe. These systems support Army and DOD-wide communications, logistics, medical, finance, personnel, training and procurement operations.

Every day our dedicated men and women work to improve and expand the Army’s technological infrastructure. PEO EIS effectively led efforts to modernize infrastructure at over 3,500 buildings across 42 Army installations, improving connectivity for over 234,000 users. As our military shifts the focus toward the Asia Pacific region, we are supporting the technical aspects of the Army’s changing footprint in the Republic of Korea. And, with the increasing emphasis on the Army network, we are expanding advanced communications capabilities at disparate posts, camps and stations around the globe.

PEO EIS leads the development and implementation of systems supporting the Army audit readiness effort. The Army’s five major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems represent a projected investment of $8 billion, resulting in innovative logistics, support and financial management. PEO EIS is managing these ERP systems, delivering operational fidelity, improved visibility of assets globally and rapid financial management processes that improve Army decision-making. In addition to ensuring audit compliance and replacing antiquated technology, the ERP systems improve efficiency and conserve resources.

From the medic transmitting a wounded Soldier’s vital signs in Afghanistan to an engineer connecting high-speed network switches at an installation in Korea, PEO EIS programs support every Soldier, every day, everywhere. Our main mission areas include: Communications, Computing Infrastructure and Core Enterprise Services, Acquisition, Logistics, Human Capital, Financial Management and Medical.


Rapidly deliver innovative and cost-effective systems and services for the Total Force, to globally connect the Army and provide a decisive information advantage to every Soldier.


Be the recognized leader in delivering information systems and information technology solutions across the Department of Defense.